Ambassador of Honesty
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Card Type Mane Character
Start Side
Power 1
Color Orange
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Home Limit 3
At the start of a faceoff involving this card, turn it over.
Flavor Text If there's a hard truth to be told, Applejack is just the pony for the job!
Boosted Side
Power 3
Color Orange
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Home Limit 4
Diligent 2
Main Phase: Remove a +1 power counter from this card to put a +1 power counter on one of your Friends.
Flavor Text Applejack is the worst liar in Ponyville, and proud of it!
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 5, Episode 1: The Cutie Map - Part 1
  • None
This card is banned from Core (as-of July 27th, 2018) and Harmony (as-of April 4th, 2019) format competitive play (no copies of this card be included in a deck): "This Mane is in an excessively dominant position in the Core metagame; it is substantially more powerful than other Mane options and has relatively little counterplay available by virtue of its status as a Mane. This has led to some unhealthy warping of the format, so it's being removed from Core. We believe the issue is not as severe in Harmony where the power level of some other options is higher, so this card will remain legal for Harmony play." Later they added, "Applejack, Ambassador of Honesty continues to hold a dominant position within the Harmony format, despite the greater availability of cards which can meaningfully interact with her “farming” playstyle. This is primarily due to additional power granted by cards that are only Harmony-legal, which affect the speed and reliability at which these decks are capable of performing. So long as these decks are allowed to exist, the Harmony metagame will be unreasonably warped, forcing competitive players to build a strategy around disrupting Applejack farm decks, thus reducing deck and color diversity. In order to encourage this diversity and to address a deck that has and continues to sit at a dominant position, Applejack, Ambassador of Honesty is banned in the Harmony format (as well as her existing ban in the Core format.)" (It is still legal in Odyssey Block format events.)

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