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Seph Sayers Seph Sayers 10 August 2014

Villainous Flim-Flam; optional rule

In the TV series, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Flim and Flam are always up to no good and always involved in some kind of scam or con.

I've always thought that if both Flim and Flam were to be played (regardless of who controls them), something terrible should happen!

Ultimately there are only two ways these two troublemakers can come onto the playing field at the same time.  

~         ~         ~

A) they are each played on different Problems.


In this case, they create a new "3rd Problem".


The new "3rd Problem" is played on just like any other problem. (Except both players' friends, and resources are potentially divided among three problems instead.

This new "3rd Problem" has the following rules, powers, and limitations:

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Destiny Draw Destiny Draw 11 February 2014

Welcome To The Blog Section!

This is a section of the wiki where you'll be able to find and post content that wouldn't otherwise go in one of the existing wiki articles, such as card analyses, deck lists, custom rulesets, etc. 

If you have a creative mind for deckbuilding or want to write about something technical such as card advantage, flip statistics and lots of other complicated terms that I probably don't understand myself (xD), this is the place for you!

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