A list of all Friends with the Inspired keyword. See also Category:Inspired Mane Characters.

Inspired (At the start of your Main Phase, if you have not used a card with Inspired to look at cards this turn, use this card to look at a number of cards from the top of an opponent’s draw deck equal to the number of cards with Inspired you control. Put any number of them on top of the deck in any order, and the rest on the bottom.)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Release Info
Hoity Toity, Vogue Authority Friend 2 White 3 2 White
Rarity, Dragon Charmer Friend 3 White 4 2 White
Rarity, Dragon Charmer (Premiere Promo) Friend 3 White 4 2 White
Rarity, Nest Weaver Friend 2 White 3 3 White
Royal Riff, Songster Friend 1 White 1 3 White
Savoir Fare, Snooty Server Friend 2 White 2 2 White
Silver Frames, Art Curator Friend 2 White 2 3 White
Twinkleshine, Outside the Box Friend 2 Purple 2 3 Purple

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