A list of all Friends with the Redeem keyword.

Redeem (As an additional cost to play this card, you may retire a Friend or Troublemaker with the same title. If you do, this card's cost is reduced by 3.)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Game Text Release Info
Discord, Standing Up Friend 4 Pink 7 4 Pink Redeem
When you play this card, dismiss an opposing Friend and each other opposing Friend with the same name.
Starlight Glimmer, Taking Charge Friend 5 Purple 8 4 Purple Redeem
At the start of your turn, you may play a Friend from your hand without paying its cost.
Trixie, Above Average Friend 3 White 7 3 White Redeem
When you play this card, move each character to this card's Problem.
Opponents can't move characters away from here unless they pay 2 AT.

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