A list of all Friends with the Transform keyword.

Transform X (You may play this card for its Transform cost by putting one of your Friends into its owner's hand from play as an additional cost. That Friend's title must include this card's title, and they must not share a subtitle.)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Game Text Traits Release Info
Applejack, Honest Seapony Friend 4 Orange 4 2 Orange Transform 2
Diligent 2
Fluttershy, Kind Seapony Friend 4 Yellow 4 2 Yellow Transform 2
Calming 2
Ocellus, Master of Disguise Friend 5 Colorless 5 None Transform 2
This card has Swift while you have a Blue character, Diligent 2 while you have an Orange character, Eccentric 2 while you have a Pink character, Meticulous 2 while you have a Purple character, Showy 2 while you have a White character, and Agile while you have a Yellow character.
Pinkie Pie, Joyous Seapony Friend 4 Pink 4 2 Pink Transform 2
Princess Skystar, Air and Sea Friend 2 Pink 4 2 Pink Transform 2
Eccentric 4
Ally • Royalty
Princess Skystar, Making a Splash Friend 3 Pink 3 3 Pink Transform 2
When this card enters play, you may put a 2 power Pink Seashell Friend token into play.
Seapony • Royalty
Princess Twilight Sparkle, Magical Seapony Friend 4 Purple 4 2 Purple Transform 2
Meticulous 2
Seapony • Royalty
Rainbow Dash, Loyal Seapony Friend 4 Blue 4 2 Blue Transform 2
Rarity, Generous Seapony Friend 4 White 4 2 White Transform 2
Showy 1
Silverstream, Fish out of Water Friend 4 Pink 4 2 Pink Transform 2
When you play this card, you may put the top card of a Problem deck into play as a Dilemma.
Spike, Puffer Up Friend 2 Purple 4 2 Purple Transform 2
Opposing characters here have -1 power during faceoffs.
Main Phase: Exhaust this card to move an opposing character at this card's Problem.

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