A list of all Friends with the Traveler keyword.

Traveler (When you move this card, you may put a +1 power counter on it.)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Game Text Traits Release Info
Canterlot Shopkeep, Traveling Salesmare Friend 3 Yellow 3 3 Yellow Traveler
When you move this card, you may put a +1 power counter on a Friend with 2 or less power.
Earth Pony
Haven Bay, Dive Right In Friend 1 Multi 1 1 Orange and 1 Pink Traveler
When you put a +1 power counter on this card, you may exhaust it to draw a card.
Lix Spittle, Wayfaring Chef Friend 3 Orange 3 1 Orange Traveler Pirate
Party Mare, Living it Up Friend 1 Pink 1 2 Pink Traveler
At the start of your turn, move this card to a random Problem.
Princess Cadance, Royal Envoy Friend 2 White 2 2 White Traveler
Main Phase: Exhaust this card and remove two +1 power counters from it to put a card from your discard pile into your hand.
Alicorn • Royalty
Rescue Party, Cannon Cavalry Friend 2 Blue 3 2 Blue Swift
Shoeshine, Animal Sanctuary Friend 1 Multi 1 3 Blue and 3 Yellow Traveler
Immediate: Retire another one of your Friends to move this card.
When you win a faceoff involving this card, you may put a 1 power Yellow Critter Friend token into play.
Earth Pony
Spike, Festival Assistant Friend 1 Purple 1 2 Purple Traveler
When you move this card, you may move an opposing character.
The Mane Six, Underwater Explorers Friend 2 Colorless 2 None Traveler
Immediate: Remove a +1 power counter from this card to choose a color. This card gains that color until the end of the turn.

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