Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Release Info
Queen Chrysalis, Commanding Queen Mane Character 1 White
Queen Chrysalis, Identity Theft Friend 3 None (Colorless) 3 None
Queen Chrysalis, Identity Theft (Absolute Discord Promo) Friend 3 None (Colorless) 3 None
Changeling Drone, Fear Eater Friend 2 Blue 2 2 Blue
"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" Troublemaker 5
Changeling Infiltrator Troublemaker 3
Changeling Swarm Troublemaker 6
Queen Chrysalis (Canterlot Nights) Troublemaker 6
Queen Chrysalis (Canterlot Nights Promo) Troublemaker 6
Changeling Barricade, You Shall Not Pass Troublemaker 4 None
Changeling Mimics, Unreasonable Facsimiles Troublemaker 6 None
Queen Chrysalis, Vicious Vengeance Troublemaker 7 None
Thorax, The Changed Changeling Mane Character 1 Yellow
Changeling Throne Resource 4 White 2 3 White
Changeling Citizens, Feel the Love Friend 0 Colorless 3 None
A Changeling Can Change Event 5 2 3 Blue
A Changeling Can Change (Defenders of Equestria Promo) Event 5 2 3 Blue
Colorless Changeling Token Friend 2 Colorless None None
Queen Chrysalis, Changeling Pretender Mane Character 1 None (Colorless)
Queen Chrysalis, Evil Twin Friend 0 Multi 5 3 Pink + 3 White
Invasion of the Changelings Dilemma 4 2 2 White
Queen Chrysalis, Hive Tyrant Troublemaker 5
Changeling Clash Problem None
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