Next, the player with a power total higher than that of any other player wins the Faceoff, all other players lose the Faceoff, the Faceoff becomes resolved, and one of the following things happens:

  • (514.5a) If the challenger wins a Troublemaker Faceoff, the Troublemaker is defeated, the challenger scores points equal to the Troublemaker’s point value, and the Troublemaker is dismissed.
  • (514.5b) If the challenger loses a Troublemaker Faceoff, the challenger must choose one of his characters that was involved in the Faceoff to be sent home.
  • (514.5c) If a player wins a Problem Faceoff, that player scores points equal to the highest Problem bonus among Problems at which that Faceoff was resolved.
  • (514.5d) If a player wins or loses a faceoff started by an effect or modifier, that player also follows any corresponding instructions specified by that effect or modifier.
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