Crash Course
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CanterlotNights 174

Card Type Problem
Bonus Points 2
Your Req. 3 Blue + 2 Purple
Their Req. 7 wild
Game Text Characters here have Swift.
Flavor Text Twilight Sparkle is a fast learner, but mastering flight with a brand new pair of wings isn't something she can pick up over a lazy weekend with a good book.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
  • None
  • Swift only applies to a Main Phase move action (which is when a player pays 2 action tokens to move this character during their Main Phase) and stacks with the abilities of other cards that raise/lower the Main Phase move action cost. The cost to move a character with the Main Phase move action cannot go below 1 action token. (506.3) (609.2b)

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