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:Disambiguation: Did you mean the expansion set {{Tooltip|Defenders of Equestria}}?
|cardName=Defenders of Equestria
|cardName=Defenders of Equestria

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Disambiguation: Did you mean the expansion set Defenders of Equestria?
Defenders of Equestria,
Royal Pony Sisters
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GenericFixed 009

Card Type Friend
Power 5
Color Orange
Cost 3
Play Req. 2 Orange
Traits Alicorn • Royalty
Game Text As an additional cost to play this card, discard 2 cards.
This card is both a Princess Celestia and a Princess Luna in all zones.
Flavor Text Ending the chaos that Discord brought to their kingdom required every bit of strength that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna had to give. They would have sacrificed everything to keep Equestria safe.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
  • None
  • Alicorn characters do not count as being Earth Pony, Unicorn and/or Pegasus characters.
  • In order for this card to be played (being 'put in to play' does not count), the full cost of this card has to be paid. (707.2a)

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