Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Release Info
Weather Mare, Shocking! Friend 1 Blue 1 None
Merry Mare, Tis Better to Give Friend 3 Pink 3 3 Pink
Muffin Mare, Sharing is Caring Mane Character 1 Orange
Moving Mare, Crash on Delivery Friend 2 Pink 1 4 Pink
Weather Mare, Team Player Friend 2 Yellow 2 None
Weather Mare, Team Player (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend 2 Yellow 2 None
Mega Mare, Watch Your Step Friend 5 Pink 5 4 Pink
Party Filly, Bubble Burster Friend 2 Pink 2 2 Pink
Mystery Mare, In Costume Friend 2 Multi 1 3 Blue and 3 Orange
Backup Racer, Substitute Flier Friend 2 Yellow 4 3 Yellow
Bubbly Mare, Helping Hoof Mane Character 1 Yellow
Equestrian Mailmare, Special Delivery Friend 2 Yellow 3 None
Equestrian Mailmare, Special Delivery (The Crystal Games Promo) Friend 2 Yellow 3 None
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