Dilemmas are Problem cards you play from your hand. They were introduced in the Marks in Time set.

Info about how they work was released on 4 April 2016:

Frequently Asked Questions about Dilemmas:

  • Q) Do Dilemmas replace a Problem, or are they another additional Problem in play?
    • A) You play Dilemmas as additional Problems that can be confronted. They don't replace the Problem that came from your Problem deck, and you can play multiple Dilemmas to the field.
  • Q) Do they stop being Resources in play?
    • A) Yes. While in any location except in play, Dilemmas are Resource cards. You play them as a Resource, they enter play as a Problem, and become a Resource again as they enter your discard pile.
  • Q) How do Dilemmas affect double Problem faceoffs (DFOs)?
    • A) If you confront ANY two or more Problems during the score phase, you will start a multi-Problem faceoff, which is just like a double Problem faceoff except it includes ALL Problems in play (including Dilemmas) and all characters at those Problems. Colloquially, we like to call a multi-Problem faceoff a "Fracas!" smile emoticon
  • Q) After a "Fracas," are ALL Problems replaced, including Dilemmas?
    • A) Yes! (So confronting any 2 Problems in one Score phase will trigger a faceoff at all Problems and replace all Problems.)
  • Q) What happens if a Dilemma is "replaced," by Problem faceoffs or Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers?
    • A) The same as would happen at any normal Problem card, except a) it goes to your discard pile, and b) you don't "replace" the Dilemma with another Dilemma nor a card from your Problem deck. Also (c) face-down Troublemakers left at replaced Dilemmas are dismissed by the game.

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