The draw deck, commonly referred to as just the deck, is a deck of at least 45 cards. It can only be made up of Friend, Event, Resource and Troublemaker cards, and can only include up to three copies of a card with the exact same name.

At the beginning of a player’s Ready Phase (except for the very first turn of the game), players draw one card from their draw deck. They can also spend action tokens any time during their Main Phase to draw additional cards (1 card for every 1 action token).

Cards are flipped from the top of the draw deck when faceoffs occur, and are placed on the bottom of the draw deck in any order (chosen by that draw deck’s player) once the faceoff is concluded unless otherwise stated by game text.

Unlike other collectible card games, a player does not lose the game if their draw deck is reduced to 0 cards over the course of a game.

A player requires one Mane Character in addition to a draw deck and a problem deck (10+ Problem cards, with at least 1 Starting Problem) in order to start playing the MLP CCG.

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