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Exact Duplicate,
My Little Clony
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Card Type Friend
Power 3
Color Purple/Yellow
Cost 3
Play Req. 4 Purple and 4 Yellow
Traits Pegasus
Game Text When you play this card, put a token copy of each of your token Friends into play.
Flavor Text "That's impossible!" - Trixie
"That's nothing!" - Twilight Sparkle
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 3, Episode 5: Magic Duel
  • None
This card is banned from Core, Harmony, and Odyssey Block format competitive play (no copies of this card be included in a deck) as-of April 4th, 2019: "Combo decks that rely on making infinite token copies of action token-generating Friends with Exact Duplicate have been approaching problematic levels of viability in both the Core and Harmony formats. These decks require relatively few cards and a minimal amount of action tokens to assemble the loop in question, leaving them free to include additional cards to make the combo more consistent and less vulnerable to disruption. However, all of these decks rely on Exact Duplicate in order to function, and Exact Duplicate does not see competitive play outside of combo decks attempting this sort of interaction. To prevent this style of decks from reaching a dominant position within the meta, Exact Duplicate, My Little Clony is banned in Harmony, Odyssey Block, and Core formats."