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Friends are one of six card types in the MLP CCG. Friends are a player’s primary method of confronting Problems.

Each Friend has a power value (the number in the upper right corner) and a color (indicated by the icon next to the power value). This power and color can be used by a player to confront Problems, participate in faceoffs, and meet the play requirements of their other cards.

Friends have at least one trait assossiated with a trait icon, that specifies to which race the character belongs.

In order to play a Friend, a player needs to pay its cost in action tokens (located on the left side). If the Friend has a play requirement (located underneath the cost), the player also needs to have at least that much power of the required color in play in order to play the card.

A player may have up to three copies of a friend with the same name in his Draw Deck. It is important to note that cards with the same title, but diffrent subtitles do not have the same name, i.g. a player may have 3 copies of Twilight Sparkle, All-Team Organizer as well as three copies of Twilight Sparkle, Ursa Vanquisher.

Card DiagramEdit

Diagram Friend v2
  1. Card Type Icon
  2. Card Title
  3. Power
  4. Color
  5. Action Token Cost
  6. Play Requirement(s)
  7. Trait Icon
  8. Trait(s)
  9. Game Text
  10. Flavor Text
  11. Card Number and Rarity

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