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Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Team Effort (Event)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)Mayor Mare, Elected Official (Friend)Apples and Oranges (Event)John's Score: 2Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)Cloudbursting (Problem)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Jetstream, All Heart (Friend)Purple Parasprite (Troublemaker)Mary's Score: 2HowToPlay 015
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Score: John - 2 Mary - 2
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John will need to do something about that Purple Parasprite if they want to continue confronting the It’s Alive! Problem.

Ready PhaseEdit

  • John draws a card (Red Gala, Favorite Cousin)
  • There are no exhausted cards to be readied
  • John gains 3 action tokens based on the highest score (2, tied)
Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Team Effort (Event)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)Mayor Mare, Elected Official (Friend)Red Gala, Favorite Cousin (Friend)HowToPlay 016
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Troublemaker PhaseEdit

Premiere 157

Purple Parasprite’s ability is activated, and now John must exhaust one of his characters. An exhausted character is unable to contribute their power to faceoffs and confronting Problems! John chooses Apple Cobbler to become exhausted, and puts a token on it to represent the exhausted state.

HowToPlay 017

This is a strategic move, however, for Apple Cobbler has the Stubborn keyword in its game text!


Keywords are special abilities that can be found on many cards. One such keyword, and the one we’re focusing on right now, is the Stubborn keyword; a character with this keyword is still allowed to contribute their power to faceoffs and confronting Problems even while exhausted!

Still inside of his Troublemaker Phase, John decides that there will be a Troublemaker faceoff at the It's Alive! Problem.

Troublemaker FaceoffEdit

There are three different types of faceoffs that can occur in the game:

  • A (single) Problem faceoff, between all of the characters at one Problem when both players are confronting the same Problem.
  • A double Problem faceoff, between all of the characters at both Problems when one player is confronting both Problems (regardless of if their opponent is able to confront any Problems).
  • A Troublemaker faceoff, between a player’s characters and their opponent’s Troublemaker at one Problem.

In this case, we have a Troublemaker faceoff. In all faceoffs, the winning side will be the one with the most total power. Currently the Purple Parasprite has a power of 4, while John's characters have a combined power of 2. The faceoff's not over yet though: each player gets to flip over the top card of their draw deck, and add the power value of that flipped card to their current power to come up with a total power value.

HowToPlay 018

John flipped over Golden Oak Library from the top of his deck, giving him a total of 5 power in this faceoff. Unfortunately for him, Mary flipped over Rainbow Dash, Weather Leader, giving her a total of 6 power!

As the loser of a Troublemaker faceoff, John will have to choose one of his characters at the It's Alive problem and move them Home...


There's still a chance at victory; paying 1 action token, John plays the Event card Team Effort from his hand.

Premiere 121

Because Twilight Sparkle (the Mane Character) is involved in this faceoff, John will be allowed to flip an additional card from his draw deck!

HowToPlay 019

The second flipped card by John, Focused Study, gives his side a new total of 8 power!

As the winner of the Troublemaker faceoff, John gains 1 point for defeating the Purple Parasprite, raising his score to 3 points total! The Purple Parasprite and Team Effort cards go to their player's discard piles; the cards that were flipped as part of the faceoff go on the bottom of their player's draw decks. Whenever a player flips more than one card as part of a faceoff, they can choose what order the cards go in.

Boosted Main CharactersEdit

According to Twilight Sparkle's game text, when a faceoff is won involving that card, it can be flipped over to its more powerful Boosted side!

Premiere 004b

The new and improved Twilight Sparkle has a boosted Purple power of 3, an increased Home Limit, a new Studious keyword, and an additional effect as well!

Main PhaseEdit

Now that there is nothing preventing him from confronting the It's Alive! Problem, John can start to focus on the other available Problem. He still has 2 available action tokens, so he uses both of them to play Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above to the Cloudbursting Problem.

Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend) (Exhausted)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Team Effort (Event)John's Score: 3Cloudbursting (Problem)HowToPlay 020
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Premiere 055

Like the Boosted Twilight Sparkle, Mint Jewelup also has the Studious keyword; when a Studious character wins a faceoff, their owner gains 1 action token.

Score PhaseEdit

John is still successfully confronting the It's Alive! Problem, so he scores 1 point; the bonus points for the problem have already been won, so he doesn't score any bonus points. This brings his total score up to 4 points!

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