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Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend) (Exhausted)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)Mayor Mare, Elected Official (Friend)Red Gala, Favorite Cousin (Friend)Team Effort (Event)John's Score: 4Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)Cloudbursting (Problem)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Jetstream, All Heart (Friend)Sweetie Sunrise, Early Riser (Friend)Two Bits (Resource)Purple Parasprite (Troublemaker)Mary's Score: 3HowToPlay 024.jpg
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Score: John - 4 Mary - 3
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Ready Phase

  • John draws a card (Lady Justice, Judge & Jury)
  • Apple Cobbler becomes readied; the exhausted counter is removed
  • John gains 3 action tokens based on the highest score (John's score of 4)
Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)Mayor Mare, Elected Official (Friend)Red Gala, Favorite Cousin (Friend)Lady Justice, Judge & Jury (Friend)HowToPlay 025.jpg
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Troublemaker Phase

Currently there is a face-down Troublemaker at the It’s Alive! Problem, but it won’t be flipped face-up until Mary's next Troublemaker Phase, so it won't be able to prevent John from confronting the problem.

Main Phase

Feeling confident in his lead of points, John is going to try and force a double Problem faceoff to gain an even bigger lead. He needs at least three more total power at the Cloudbursting Problem in order to start confronting it; he uses 2 action tokens to play Red Gala, Favorite Cousin and 1 action token to play Comet Tail, Hale Bopper, both to the Cloudbursting Problem.

Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Red Gala, Favorite Cousin (Friend)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Team Effort (Event)John's Score: 4Cloudbursting (Problem)HowToPlay 026.jpg
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Score Phase

Before any faceoffs occur, John is still awarded two points for confronting both Problems, giving him a score of six points! However, because both Problems are being confronted by a single player, a double Problem faceoff must occur.

Double Problem Faceoff

Similar to the Troublemaker faceoff held earlier, the winner of this faceoff will be the player with the most total power between all of their characters at both Problems - even the ones that aren't currently confronting Problems, such as Sweetie Sunrise. It's important to note that Mary's Jetstream has its effect activate now, doubling its power value.

HowToPlay 027.jpg

An unexpected outcome! An underdog victory! With a total power of 11, the winner of the double Problem faceoff is Mary!

Problem Faceoff Resolution

As a reward for winning the faceoff, Mary scores points equal to the greatest bonus points value printed on the two Problems involved in the faceoff. Both Problems have the same bonus points value, so Mary scores 1 point! (In a single Problem faceoff, the reward would be the bonus points value printed on that one Problem.)

When a Problem faceoff concludes, that Problem is solved, and all of the characters involved in the faceoff are sent from their Problem(s) straight to Home. At the end of a player's turn, if the number of Friends at that player's Home would exceed their Mane Character's Home Limit, some of those Friends would have to be dismissed (send to the discard pile) by that player. Luckily, John has exactly 4 Friends, so he does not exceed his Home Limit of 4; neither does Mary, with her 3 Friends and her Home Limit of 3.

If the solved Problem(s) had any Resources attached to them, those Resources would be dismissed at this time. Solved Problems are placed on the bottom of their Problem Deck, and the top card of the Problem Deck is flipped face-up to become a new active Problem. Two Problems have been solved, so two new Problems have been revealed: John's Monitor EVERYTHING!, and Mary's It's a Twister!.

Face-down Troublemakers who are at a solved Problem are not dismissed; they will stay around to cause trouble at the next active Problem.

Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)Monitor EVERYTHING! (Problem)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend)Red Gala, Favorite Cousin (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)Mayor Mare, Elected Official (Friend)Lady Justice, Judge & Jury (Friend)Team Effort (Event)John's Score: 6Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)It's a Twister! (Problem)Jetstream, All Heart (Friend)Sweetie Sunrise, Early Riser (Friend)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Two Bits (Resource)Purple Parasprite (Troublemaker)Mary's Score: 4HowToPlay 028.jpg
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This is the end of our example game; we leave with John having a lead of 6 points to Mary's 4 points, but who knows where the game could go from here!

Hopefully this example game has given you a fair bit of insight on how to play a round of the MLP CCG. If you have any continuing questions, please be sure to check out some of the articles on the Wiki, or leave us a comment or two on how we can address your questions and help others continue to learn.

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