The Play AreaEdit

Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Apples and Oranges (Event)Team Effort (Event)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)John's Score: 0Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)Cloudbursting (Problem)Mary's Score: 0HowToPlay 004
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Score: John - 0 Mary - 0
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John’s first turn wasn’t very eventful, but Mary is looking to do a little more with her turn.

Ready PhaseEdit

It’s not the very first turn anymore, so Mary is allowed to draw a card. There are no cards that need to be readied, and Mary gains 2 action tokens based on the tied score of 0 points.

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Troublemaker PhaseEdit

Neither player has any Troublemakers in play, so nothing happens in this phase.

Main PhaseEdit

Let's once again go over the actions that a player can do on their turn:

During a player’s Main Phase, there are a number of things they can do (as indicated by their Turn Card):

  • For 1 action token, they can draw a card from their Draw Deck.
  • For 1 action token, they can play a Troublemaker from their hand face-down to either Problem in the play area.
  • For 2 action tokens, they can move one of their characters in their play area:
    • From their Home to a Problem.
    • From a Problem to their Home.
    • Between Problems.
  • For 2 action tokens, they can ready one of their frightened cards.
  • If they meet the action token cost and play requirements, they can play Friends, Resources or Events from their hand. Friends can be played to their owner's home or to either Problem, Event cards are dismissed after they've been played and take effect, and Resources can be played to wherever their game text says to play them to.
  • They can also use the abilities of cards already in their play area.

Mary decides to play two cards this turn:

  • The first is a Troublemaker card; for 1 action token, Mary places it face-down at the It’s Alive! Problem.
  • The second is a Friend card; also for 1 action token, Mary places Noteworthy, Humdinger to the Cloudbursting Problem.
Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)Cloudbursting (Problem)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Mary's Score: 0HowToPlay 006
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Friend CardsEdit

Premiere 076

Friend cards are very similar to Mane Character cards; you can see the white Power of 1 in the top right corner, and an area where game text would go (though Noteworthy doesn't have any… notable special abilities). An important difference is on the left side of the card, where the action token cost is located. This tells the player how many action tokens it will cost in order to play the card; in this case, Noteworthy has a cost of 1 action token.

Score PhaseEdit

Much like John, Mary only meets half of the requirements to solve one of the Problems. The score remains tied at 0 points each.

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