The Play AreaEdit

Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend)Mint Jewelup, A Cut Above (Friend)Team Effort (Event)Comet Tail, Hale Bopper (Friend)Double-check the Checklist (Event)Mayor Mare, Elected Official (Friend)Apples and Oranges (Event)John's Score: 2Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)Cloudbursting (Problem)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Mary's Score: 0HowToPlay 011
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Score: John - 2 Mary - 0
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Mary needs to prevent John from gaining too much of an early lead; it’s her turn to try and score some points!

Ready PhaseEdit

  • Mary draws a card
  • There are no exhausted cards to be readied
  • Mary gains 3 action tokens based on the highest score (John’s score of 2)
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Troublemaker PhaseEdit

It’s time for Mary to reveal her face-down Troublemaker by flipping it face-up: it’s a Purple Parasprite!

Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student (Mane Character)It's Alive! (Problem)Apple Cobbler, Headstrong (Friend)Cloudbursting (Problem)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Purple Parasprite (Troublemaker)HowToPlay 013
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Troublemaker CardsEdit

Premiere 157

So long as this Troublemaker remains face-up at the It’s Alive! Problem, John will not be allowed to confront the Problem! Let’s look at the three important parts of this card:

  • The power value in the top-right corner. Unlike the power that is found on Mane Characters and Friends, this power has no associated color, and is only used in faceoffs against the opponent’s characters (which will be explained later).
  • The points awarded to a player if they are able to defeat the Troublemaker.
  • The game text that explains any special abilities that the Troublemaker has. This Purple Parasprite is able to cause one of John's characters to become exhausted during his Troublemaker Phase!

Main PhaseEdit

Now that Mary has 3 action tokens available instead of 2, they can start to play more powerful cards. She spends all 3 action tokens to play Jetstream, All Heart to the Cloudbursting Problem. The play requirement of 1 Blue power is covered by the Rainbow Dash Mane Character.

[It's Alive! (Problem)Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire (Mane Character)Cloudbursting (Problem)Noteworthy, Humdinger (Friend)Jetstream, All Heart (Friend)Mary's Score: 0HowToPlay 014
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Premiere 007

Jetstream has an impressive ability that gives her +2 power when involved in a faceoff.

Score PhaseEdit

Mary now has enough colored power at the Cloudbursting Problem to start confronting it. They gain 1 point plus another bonus point for being the first to confront it, for a total score of 2 points!

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