Lady Justice,
Judge & Jury
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Premiere p016

Card Type Friend
Power 3
Color Purple
Cost 4
Play Req. None
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Your opponent's characters at this card's Problem each get -1 power during faceoffs.
Flavor Text "I know you're all just trying to help, but it's my civic duty to list off the eight Ponyville regulations you broke in the last five minutes."
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 2, Episode 18: A Friend in Deed (5:25, foreground from left-half of frame, background from right)
  • None
  • This card's continuous ability does not require this card to be involved in faceoffs involving opponent's characters at this card's Problem in order for it to take effect (such as with Troublemaker and Showdown faceoffs).

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