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Mane Characters are one of six card types in the MLP CCG. Each player starts the game with a Mane Character in play.

Each Mane Character has a power value (the number in the upper right corner) and a color (indicated by the icon next to the power value). This power and color can be used by a player to confront Problems, participate in faceoffs, and meet the play requirements of their other cards.

Mane Characters have at least one trait assossiated with a trait icon, that specifies to which race the character belongs.

Mane Characters have a Home Limit, which determines how many Friends a player is allowed to have at their home without penalty. At the end of a player’s turn, if that player has more Friends at home than their Mane Character’s Home Limit allows, they will have to retire one or more of them until their Home Limit is maintained. (Mane Characters themselves do not count against their own Home Limit.)

Mane Characters have two sides; a “Start” side and a “Boosted” side. Mane Characters always begin the game with their “Start” side face-up, but once the conditions listed on the card have been met a player flips them over to their “Boosted” side. “Boosted” Mane Characters usually have a higher power value, an increased Home Limit, and additional game text.

Mane Characters are very similar to Friends (they are both used to confront Problems and participate in faceoffs), however there are two important differences. First, Mane Characters can not be frightened and/or removed from play (such as being dismissed, banished, or moved from the play area to a player’s hand). Second, Mane Characters cannot be targeted by cards that target only Friends. (If a card targets a character, that card can target both Mane Characters and Friends.)

A player requires one Mane Character in addition to a draw deck (45+ cards) and a problem deck (10 Problem cards, with at least 1 Starting Problem) in order to start playing the MLP CCG.

Card Diagram

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  1. Card Type Icon
  2. Card Title
  3. Power
  4. Color
  5. Start/Boosted Status
  6. Trait Icon
  7. Trait(s)
  8. Game Text
  9. Flavor Text
  10. Card Number and Rarity

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