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  • See title!

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  • It saves a step when we get the image later and doesn't hurt anything to have the link already there. Why are you removing them?

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    • Currently the "Please upload" message is appearing when the user hovers over existing card images, can we change it so that it won't display in that case?

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    • I don't think so, since that is where the message actually is (it is only displayed on the page itself if the file fails to load). We can remove the message after most of the Crystal Games images are uploaded.

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  • I just got back from GenCon late last night, and I spent the majority of the  uber-long bus trip planning out a bunch of "quality of life" changes for the  wiki, primarily for the individual card pages and the release/gallery pages.  Once these pages are completed then we can apply the styles of changes to  other pages such as the theme deck pages, the home page (I agree it could use  a redesign), etc. I estimate that the changes will take at maximum about a  month of work, I'll be starting it a little early for parts but I'll mainly  be focusing on this stuff for September. Of course if either yourself or  Bronley have the time you can work on anything else you see that needs  touchups (I should have just made you two admins, sorry for not doing such earlier).

    Phase 1 - Improving the Layout and Usability of the Individual Card Pages  (eta: 2 weeks)

    Part A - Improving the Layout through Better Templates

    The current layouts have a number of problems/issues:

    • The user needs to scroll downwards on the article in order to see if the  card has errata
    • The release section takes up a lot of space by itself
    • No one uses the tips section
    • The trivia section is underutilized; the "from episode" portion could  probably be consolidated into its own section of the right-side information
    • The bottom set table is underutilized; when we add tooltips to tables such  as this, it will also result in extra loading time.

    A new series of templates, or even a single template covering all card types,  can improve/fix these problems; the design could be based around those used  on the Yugioh and/or Vanguard wikias, which focus primarily on the right side  of the window to display information. We can still display the rulings/errata  and next/previous card information using the full vertical size of the screen.

    The current templates basically have four box areas; the card information box, the release box, the rulings/errata/etc box, and the next/prev box. The new template(s) would reduce this to three. At the top of this new template(s), there would be the regular box area that displays card information. (We should evaluate whether or not to use colored/rounded borders for this and the next two box areas.) At the top of this area would be a colored header (color based on card set color). The left side would contain the full name of the card (one or two lines depending on subtitle or lack thereof). The right side would contain a button that, when clicked, would take the user to the PonyHead equivalent of the card. The middle remaining area would normally be blank, but if the card had been errataed then a message would be displayed here.

    Underneath this, the left side of the box area would have the card image(s) as normal.

    The right side of the box area would have the card information as normal (except for card name, since it would be displayed in the header now). Release information will also now be added to this side, perhaps simplified a bit through using tooltips and/or simplifications (ex. Cloudchaser promo could be "Summer 2014 Store Championship" and then have a tooltip explaining how the Top 8 get it). Episode information could either be displayed on the right side of the screen, or as a footer spanning the whole screen.

    Errata and rulings, if applicable, would go in the second box area. Errata, instead of a direct comparison as is the current method, could be divided into bulleted points similar to how the rulings are displayed (ex. "The following traits were added:", "The following game text was changed:", etc). The rulings section will recieve a benefit from the use of tooltips.

    Underneath the rulings/errata would be the third and final box area, the "PrevNext" section. This would remain relatively unchanged besides taking out the collapsible table, though we can make the set name, when clicked on, link to the relevant gallery.

    Underneath the template(s), tooptip creation code will be added to generate tooltips automatically; other pages will display only this tooptip code when linked to. If using more than one template for the card pages, we might want to turn this tooltip code into its own template so that we can only edit it if needed instead of six pages every time.

    The template(s) would include a variable to switch to the GenCon 2013 terminoligy (20% Cooler, etc). so we do not have to make additional templates for that release.

    Aside - I want to try and create a better naming system for the existing/new templates, for example using "/" to categorize them somewhat. Once the updates have been completed we can use wikia bots, etc to clean all the existing pages/templates that are no longer being referenced.


    • CardTemplates/Main (for one merged template) or (cardType)
    • CardTemplates/Tooltip
    • ColorCodeValues/Premiere, PinkCard, etc.
    • RGBValues/CanterlotNights, BlueCard, etc.

    Part B - Using Tooltips for User Convenience 

    The individual card pages will be the main beneficiary of tooltips, used to display images of cards or other content without having to leave the current page. Examples of things we can use tooltips for:

    • replacing the "View/Here" portion of the release section on card pages with tooltips.
    • replacing the longer keyword explinations with tooltips.
    • using tooltips to link to the actual wording of comprehensive rulings (would need to create a seperate page/template for each ruling.
    • using tooltips to reference links, specifically longer URLs found from sites like Facebook or Twitter (we need to find out if tooltips work on template pages)

    Template Names:

    • CompRulingTemplates/(number)
    • OtherTemplates/SourceLinkTooltip (needs a better name)

    Phase 2 - Improving the Layout of the Release Pages and the Release Galleries (eta: 1 week)

    The Release pages as they are right now are a bit cluttered; changes can be made to fix this.

    • Utilizing a right-side grouping box area (similar to the style used on the regular MLP Wikia) to list information such as release date, number of cards, etc.
    • ReleaseTemplates/RightBoxAreaThing (whatever it's called)
    • The first two sentences of the article should be the product description found on the back of release media, followed by a generic single sentence (ex. "X is the Y released set for the CCG"). The link to the gallery can be moved from its own sentence into being part of the right area.
    • Following this should be the table of contents (default hidden), followed by content.

    "Release Information" and "Promotional Card Availability" sections can be added to the content of the release pages. The former would contain number of each type of card in the set, foil/ultra rare ratios, and similar information. The latter would help to clean up the Promotional Cards page which has become a bit cluttered as of late.

    With the release of Celestial Solstice and its collection of foiled, fixed cards, we need to make distinctions in the Release Information and on the card tables whether or not if cards belong to a foil subset, or a main set where all of the cards in the set are foiled to begin with. To make this even more clear, for the existing foil subset table's rarities can be changed to be foiled instead of the existing non-foil rarity.

    The card tables are fine as they are but they might need a little redesign to look more like the card page templates.

    The release gallery pages are also fine as they are, but I would like to remove the link to the regular release page from the top of the page (the user can just press the back button on their browser instead). I'd also like to add the card names underneath each image.

    Phase 3 - Renaming Card Page Default Names (eta. 1 week)

    In an effort to improve linking from other sites (not enough people know about and/or use the redirect links), we can rename the default individual card pages to remove the set information from the link.


    • Cloudchaser, Flexible Flier (Premiere) --> Cloudchaser, Flexible Flier
    • Blossomforth, Too Flexible (Canterlot Nights) --> Blossomforth, Too Flexible

    Cards that are reprinted in later sets will still keep the set information in their links.


    • Rarity, Dragon Charmer (Premiere Promo) --> Rarity, Dragon Charmer
    • Rarity, Dragon Charmer (Canterlot Nights) (stays the same)


    Please let me know what you think of these changes; if any of them are incredibly silly/dumb sounding then I blame that on the long bus ride home.

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    • Rulings on cards are meant to clarify problems, right?
      For example, I added the 505.1b ruling to Lily, Panicked Pony to clarify the "issue" some people had with it. It has been confirmed by the developers.

      Another example is Double-check the Checklist; the card itself already says "in any order", but there's actually already a rule stating this. This should be put on any card stating that the player can look at multiple cards?

      These rulings should be made as templates for many reasons
      • Makes sure every card referring to the same problem/issue is phrased the same way. Consistency.
      • If one, or more, rules are moved. It's easier to change a single template than several pages.
      • Rephrasing one template is easier than changing several pages.
      • If another change has to be made with the layout in the future... it's easier to change one template than changing several pages.
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    • Not sure if you're aware, but a number of ruling do already have templates made for them, such as the rulings about keywords, activated movement, can target resources attached to friends at home, etc. Clarifications like "does Lily gain power from dismissing frightened Friends" would be clarifications for (at this time) a unique-ish ability, so making a template for it is not a priority. If something else comes out in another set that behaves similarly then we can look into making a template for it. 

      For examples like Double-check the Checklist, it's not necessary to refer to 402.3 because what the card says and the ruling regarding it are one and the same. The only time this kind of thing should be done is when the card forgets to mention something that should be done according the rules, such as the case with Fluttershy, Element of Kindness and the forgetting to reveal/shuffle deck/etc.

      Since it's the middle of November now, please feel free to make other threads for discussing stuff, this one's incredibly crowded as is. :P

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  • Hello, and welcome to the MLP CCG Wiki! Thanks for your recent edits to the Yellow Parasprite (Premiere) page.

    With the upcoming release of the second set, Canterlot Nights, two of the greatest ways you could help to update the wiki is to start adding pages for the new cards as they start to appear, and to add rulings, errata, etc. to existing cards.

    • Adding a page for new cards is as simple as copying the template from an existing card page and editing the values for the template. Maybe simple isn't the right word, seeing as how each template has a lot of different variables. xD But rest assured that you can always ask me or any other member of the wikia staff on how to do this or that.
    • Rulings and errata are constantly changing, such that on the wiki we are constantly trying to make the rulings and errata displayed here:
      • correct
      • easy to read and understand
      • have a certified source available
    • To that end, please don't feel offended or anything if someone changes the wording around on a particular ruling you've added; nine times out of ten it'll just be to make the ruling easier for newer players to understand or to be consistent with other rulings. If it's a ruling that currently applies to one or more card, consider making it a template and adding it to our Ruling Templates category page.

    Thanks again for your edits, and please contact me if there's anything I can help you with!

    ~ Destiny Draw

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