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  • Hello, and welcome to the MLP CCG Wiki! Thanks for your recent edits to the Damsel in Distress page.

    Two of the greatest ways you could help to update the wiki is to start adding pages for cards that don't have one yet, and to add rulings, errata, etc. to existing cards.

    • Adding a page for new cards is as simple as copying the template from an existing card page and editing the values for the template. Maybe simple isn't the right word, seeing as how each template has a lot of different variables. xD But rest assured that you can always ask me or any other member of the wikia staff on how to do this or that.
    • Rulings and errata are constantly changing, such that on the wiki we are constantly trying to make the rulings and errata displayed here:
      • correct
      • easy to read and understand
      • have a certified source available
    • To that end, please don't feel offended or anything if someone changes the wording around on a particular ruling you've added; nine times out of ten it'll just be to make the ruling easier for newer players to understand or to be consistent with other rulings.

    Thanks again for your edits, and please contact me if there's anything I can help you with!

    ~ Destiny Draw

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