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Monstrous Manual
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Card Type Resource
Power 5
Cost 2
Play Req. 1 Purple
Traits Resource • Asset
Game Text Play to your home.
Reaction: After the start of your Troublemaker Phase, you may exhaust this card and pay 2 action tokens to turn a Troublemaker face-down.
Flavor Text HYDRA. Warning: when you chop off one head, two more grow back. Armor level: 5. Bite damage: 8.
- excerpt from
Monstrous Manual, by Marey Hijinx
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 4, Episode 3: Castle Mane-ia
  • None
  • Note since this activates "After the start of your Troublemaker Phase", any Troublemaker's abilities that happen "At the start of" the phase will trigger before this card can.
  • Also, since the Reveal Step is later in the phase, if you use this card's ability on your own Troublemaker to turn it face-down, it will turn face-up again immediately after. If you use this card's ability on an opponent's Troublemaker it will stay face-down until their next turn.