Princess Luna &
Rainbow Dash Theme Deck
Product Type Theme Deck
Release Date May 2014
Contents Purple/Blue
Associated Release Canterlot Nights

The Princess Luna & Rainbow Dash Theme Deck is a theme deck released as part of the Canterlot Nights expansion.

Release Information[edit | edit source]

General Version

Alternate Version

Fixed/Exclusive Cards[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Theme Deck[edit | edit source]

Princess Luna & Rainbow Dash Theme Deck
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Name Power Cost Req. Points Card Type Quantity
Rainbow Dash, Hanging Out 1/3 Mane Character x1
Princess Luna, Princess of the Night 1/3 Mane Character x1
Emerald Green, Cider Aficionado 2 2 Friend x3
Eclair Crème, Vicarious Listener 2 2 3 Friend x3
Rainbow Blaze, Dashing Mentor 2 3 2 Friend x2
Rainbow Dash, Weather Leader 2 3 2 Friend x2
Rumble, Fast Learner 1 2 Friend x2
Sprinkle Medley, Drip Dropper 3 4 2 Friend x2
Blue Moon, Ol' Blue Eyes 2 2 Friend x3
Princess Luna, Night Mare 3 4 4 Friend x2
Starry Eyes, Space Cadet 1 2 Friend x2
Tall Order, Council Colt 3 3 1 Friend x3
Twilight Sparkle, All-Team Organizer 2 3 2 Friend x2
Zecora, Magical Mentor 1 1 1 Friend x2
Double-check the Checklist 5 1 3 Event x1
The Magic of Adventure 4 1 Event x3
Thunderclap 3 2 3 Event x1
What Went Wrong? 5 1 1 Event x1
A Fiery Temper 4 1 1 Resource x2
Monstrous Manual 5 2 1 Resource x1
The High Ground 5 1 2 Resource x2
Tricksy Hat 3 3 3 Resource x2
Lightning Dust 4 1 Troublemaker x2
Timberwolf 6 3 Troublemaker x2
Ancient Research 1 Problem x2
Bottom of the Well 1 Problem x2
Crash Course 2 Problem x2
Lost in the Crystal Caves 1 Problem x2
Storming the Villain's Lair 1 Problem x2
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