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Problems are one of six card types in the MLP CCG. Players must confront Problems in order to score points; the first player to score 15 or more points wins the game.

To confront their own Problem, players need a minimum amount of power of particular colors. To confront their opponent’s Problem, players only need a minimum amount of total power.

Players can create additional Problem areas by playing Dilemma cards.

Players can earn one point per Problem every turn whenever they confront a Problem.

Once one or more Problem has been confronted by a player on their turn, a faceoff may occur. If a player confronts at least 2 Problems in one Score phase, a multi-Problem faceoff occurs at all Problems, or if a player confronts a Problem while their opponent also meets their confront requirements for that Problem, a single Problem faceoff occurs at just that Problem.

The winner of the single or multi-Problem faceoff scores the maximum Bonus Points (located on the right side of the Problem card(s)) of all the Problems that were involved in the faceoff.

Once a Problem faceoff has concluded, that problem has been solved; characters there are sent to their controllers' homes, face-up Troublemakers and resources still located at the Problem are dismissed, the Problem is placed on the bottom of its owner’s Problem Deck and a new Problem is flipped from the top.

In addition to a Mane Character and a Draw Deck (containing at least 45 cards), a player also needs a Problem Deck.

The Problem Deck contains exactly 10 Problem cards. One of the Problems has to be a Starting Problem. Up to two Problems with the same name may be part of the Problem Deck.

Card DiagramEdit

Diagram Problem v2
  1. Card Type Icon
  2. Card Title
  3. Your Requirements
  4. Your Opponent's Requirements
  5. Game Text
  6. Flavor Text
  7. Bonus Points
  8. Card Number and Rarity

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