Rainbow Dash,
Ambassador of Loyalty
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Card Type Mane Character
Start Side
Power 1
Color Blue
Traits Pegasus
Game Text Home Limit 3
At the start of a faceoff involving this card, turn it over.
Flavor Text There isn't a braver or more loyal pony in Ponyville, though Applejack is a very close second.
Boosted Side
Power 3
Color Blue
Traits Pegasus
Game Text Home Limit 4
Competitive 2
Main Phase: Exhaust this card to move it.
Flavor Text Rainbow Dash will bring a message of loyalty anywhere in Equestria, though she prefers places where dangerous monsters are on the loose.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 5, Episode 1: The Cutie Map - Part 1
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