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Rainbow Dash &
Rarity Theme Deck
Product Type Theme Deck
Release Date December 2013
Contents Blue/White
Associated Release Premiere

The Rainbow Dash & Rarity Theme Deck is a theme deck released as part of the Premiere set.

Release Information

Foiled Rainbow Dash Mane

Foiled Rarity Mane

Fixed/Exclusive Cards


Theme Deck

Rainbow Dash & Rarity Theme Deck
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Name Power Cost Req. Points Card Type Quantity
Rainbow Dash, Flier Extraordinaire 1/3 Mane Character x1
Rarity, Dazzling Fashionista 1/3 Mane Character x1
Cerulean Skies, Skyward Soarer 1 1 1 Friend x2
Emerald Green, Cider Aficionado 2 2 Friend x2
Finish Line, Jammer 2 3 2 Friend x1
Holly Dash, Flighty Filly 4 4 2 Friend x2
Jetstream, All Heart 2 3 1 Friend x2
Pegasus Royal Guard, Elite Sentry 1 1 1 Friend x2
Rainbowshine, Cloud Wrangler 2 2 1 Friend x1
Sweetie Sunrise, Early Riser 1 1 Friend x3
Hoity Toity, Vogue Authority 2 3 2 Friend x2
Noteworthy, Humdinger 1 1 Friend x2
Pearly Stitch, Crotchety Crocheter 1 1 1 Friend x2
Royal Riff, Songster 1 1 3 Friend x2
Sugar Twist, Twister Sister 2 2 Friend x3
Vidala Swoon, Mane Manager 3 4 3 Friend x2
A Touch of Refinement 5 1 2 Event x1
Crème de la Crème 5 0 3 Event x1
Dig Deep 4 1 Event x3
Swing into Action 5 1 2 Event x1
Foal Free Press 3 1 2 Resource x2
Lead Pony Badge 3 1 2 Resource x1
Marvelous Chapeau 4 1 2 Resource x2
The Ponyville Express 3 1 1 Resource x2
Timberwolf 6 3 Troublemaker x2
Yellow Parasprite 4 1 Troublemaker x2
Clearing Gloomy Skies 3 Problem x2
Cloudbursting 1 Problem x2
Emergency Dress Order 1 Problem x2
I Can Fix it! 1 Problem x1
It's a Twister! 1 Problem x2
Looking for Trouble 1 Problem x1
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