Rock N Rave
Product Type Release (Mini Expansion)
Release Date August 2014 (N. America)
September 2014 (Europe)
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"The magic of friendship continues with this new Two-Player Set for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game! Will you be Pinkie Pie's rock-farming, fearless sister Maud Pie, or the fast and fun DJ Pon-3 who is all the rave? Either way, this set contains all you need to start playing MLP: CCG. You'll find new ponies inside that are ready to help you solve the many problems troubling Ponyville, Canterlot, and beyond! Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Octavia, and Princess Luna are all included to lend a hoof - but watch out for some nasty Troublemakers who are eager to foil your plans!"

Rock N Rave is the name of the first miniature expansion released for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game; it was released between the Canterlot Nights and The Crystal Games expansions.

Release InformationEdit

Compared to regular expansions, none of the cards in this set can be found in booster packs; they can only be found in the Rock N Rave Two Player Theme Deck.

14 unique cards were released as part of the main (and only) set; 2 Mane Characters, 4 Friends, 2 Events, 0 Resources, 2 Troublemakers and 4 Problems.

In terms of rarity, the main set contains 12 Fixed (F) cards and 4 Foil (ƒ) cards. Maud Pie, Rockin' and DJ Pon-3, Party Starter each have two different versions with one version having the Start side foiled and the other version having the Boosted side foiled, but are otherwise the same.

Princess Luna, The Party's Over and Rarity, Mover and Shaker can only be found as part of the Rock N Rave Two Player Theme Deck, but they are technically a part of the Canterlot Nights expansion.


Main SetEdit

Rock N Rave
# Name Power Cost Req. Points Card Type Rarity
1 Apple Strudel, Well Aged 2 3 2 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
2 Berry Punch, All-Night Partier 2 2 1 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
3 Twinkleshine, Overachiever 3 3 1 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
4 Octavia, Sweet Symphony 2 3 3 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
5 It's Elementary! 4 1 Icon Event Small Fixed (F)
6 Rock Solid Fashion 4 1 Icon Event Small Fixed (F)
7 Secret Mission 2 Icon Problem Small Fixed (F)
8 Timber! 2 Icon Problem Small Fixed (F)
9 Trade Dispute 2 Icon Problem Small Fixed (F)
10 Which Pinkie is Which 2 Icon Problem Small Fixed (F)
11 Diamond Dog 4 1 Icon Troublemaker Small Fixed (F)
12 Quarray Eels 4 2 Icon Troublemaker Small Fixed (F)
ƒ1a/ƒ1b Maud Pie, Rockin' 1/3 Icon ManeCharacter Small Foil (ƒ)
ƒ2a/ƒ2b DJ Pon-3, Party Starter 1/3 Icon ManeCharacter Small Foil (ƒ)


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