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Special Delivery Theme Deck
Product Type Theme Deck
Release Date November 2014
Contents Purple/Yellow
Associated Release The Crystal Games

The Special Delivery Theme Deck is a theme deck released as part of the Crystal Games expansion.

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Alternate Version

Fixed/Exclusive Cards


Theme Deck

Special Delivery Theme Deck
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Name Power Cost Req. Points Card Type Quantity
Spike, Crystal Hero 1/3 Mane Character x1
Bubbly Mare, Helping Hoof 1/3 Mane Character x1
Amethyst Maresbury, Crystal Librarian 3 3 1 Friend x1
Blue Moon, Ol' Blue Eyes 2 2 Friend x2
Cheerilee, Homeroom Teacher 2 4 4 Friend x3
Raven, Event Organizer 2 2 2 Friend x2
Rook Ramparts, Chess Champ 2 3 Friend x3
Twilight Sparkle, All-Team Organizer 2 3 2 Friend x1
Twilight Sparkle, Crystallized 3 3 3 Friend x2
Amethyst Star, Calming Presence 1 2 2 Friend x2
Eagle, Soaring Raptor 3 3 1 Friend x2
Equestrian Mailmare, Special Delivery 2 3 Friend x2
Fluttershy, Crystallized 3 3 3 Friend x2
Golden Wheat, Happy to Help 2 3 Friend x3
Hummingbird, Nimble Flier 3 3 2 Friend x3
A Hasty Retreat 3 2 4 Event x3
Royal Guidance 4 1 Event x2
Telekinesis 3 2 2 Event x2
Ponyville Mailbox 5 2 2 Resource x2
Changeling Swarm 6 2 Troublemaker x2
Chimera 3 2 Troublemaker x2
Flam 4 2 Troublemaker x2
Hydra 5 2 Troublemaker x2
Dark Magic Surge 1 Problem x2
Greeting Lots of Folks With Clout 1 Problem x2
Lost and Not Found 1 Problem x2
Parasprite Pandemic 2 Problem x2
Ponies Without Parachutes 1 Problem x2
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