Baby Dragon
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Premiere 018.jpg

Card Type Friend
Power 0
Color Blue
Cost 2
Play Req. 1 Blue
Traits Dragon
Game Text Swift
Main Phase: Pay 1 action token to give this card +1 power until the end of the turn.
Flavor Text Nopony really knows when or how fast Spike is going to grow up. Dragons are just too rare and too scary to study.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 3, Episode 13: Magical Mystery Cure
  • None
  • Swift only applies to a Main Phase move action (which is when a player pays 2 action tokens to move this character during their Main Phase) and stacks with the abilities of other cards that raise/lower the Main Phase move action cost. The cost to move a character with the Main Phase move action cannot go below 1 action token. (506.3) (609.2b)
  • This card's activated ability is stackable; this card would gain +X power for X paid action tokens until the end of the turn.

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