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CanterlotNights 117.jpg

Card Type Event
Power 5
Cost 0
Play Req. 3 Yellow
Traits Event • Showdown
Game Text Main Phase: Start a faceoff involving one of your Friends and an opponent's Friend with equal or greater power. At the end of the faceoff, the loser puts one of their Friends that was involved into its owner's hand.
Flavor Text "Oh no, please, not that! Anything but your disapproving eyeballs!" - Discord
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 3, Episode 10: Keep Calm and Flutter On
  • None
  • Showdown faceoffs do not have a specified location where they take place; cards whose abilities trigger before/during/after faceoffs may not trigger from Showdown faceoffs. (514.2c)