Sunset Shimmer
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CanterlotNights 164

Card Type Troublemaker
Power 5
Points 2
Traits Troublemaker
Game Text When this Troublemaker is uncovered, you may pay 3 action tokens. If you do, banish an opposing Friend or Resource to beneath this card. Otherwise, dismiss this card.
When this card leaves play or is turned face-down, put any cards beneath it into their owner's hand.
Flavor Text Sunset Shimmer would go to any lengths to achieve her goal of conquering Equestria. Thievery was just the beginning!
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
  • The following game text has been replaced as of version 2.0 of the Official Card Reference:
    • (Old) ...they banish an opposing Friend Resource to beneath this card.
    • (New) ...banish an opposing Friend Resource to beneath this card.
  • None

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