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SeaquestriaandBeyond 134

Card Type Friend
Power 5
Color Pink
Cost 5
Play Req. 4 Pink
Traits Ally
Game Text When you play this card, gain control of each opposing Friend until the end of the Score Phase.
Flavor Text "All will be in perfect harmony!"
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 1, Episode 20: Green Isn't Your Color
  • None
This card is banned from Harmony and Core format competitive play (no copies of this card be included in a deck) as-of July 27th, 2018: "This card has an unhealthy interaction with other cards which can lead to very one-sided games with little counterplay. It's being removed from both competitive formats in order to help encourage deck diversity." (It is still legal in Beyond Block format events.)

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