• EnterPlay posted a print-your-own Primer deck of cards that contains some reprints of older cards and many new cards. I extracted the jpg files from it and I will upload them as place-holders for the decks they go in. Do we also want a release page for the Primer deck itself?

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    • Well this is an odd Christmas surprise, lol. I'm a little busy with last-minute Christmas stuff but for now, we should add this how to play document to the Rulebooks section, make a Primer Deck page (in they style of the two-player theme deck pages, not the release pages), and individual pages for the new cards that link back to the Primer Deck page. IMO we shouldn't link from the actually-existing cards (like Blue Moon and Whitewash) to the Primer Deck page since it's not an actually obtainable thing. 

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    • In terms of image naming convention, do we just want to call them "Primer_XX" or give them some kind of suffix in case they release more primer decks, something like "Primer2014_XX" or "PrimerA_XX"?

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    • Well, they use the Generic Fixed icon, but not the same numbering, so I won't put the cards in the Generic Fixed release at all. 19 re-using the Generic Fixed icon, 5 Canterlot Nights, 9 Premiere.

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    • I grabbed the clearer GenericFixedSymbol from the extracted images. We may want to pull color values from it for the Generic Fixed color templates.

      For card image names, I don't think we need to plan for more future primer decks, but the cards are numbered 1-15 for Primer Deck A and then again for Primer Deck B, so I think "PrimerA_XX" and "PrimerB_XX". Sounds good?

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    • When I said "PrimerA" I meant like in the future they'd release a future primer set which we'd then name "PrimerB". But it's only 15 images I suppose, not like they'd be hard to change in the future. Just name them "Primer_XX" for now.

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    • It is 30 numbered card images:

      • Deck A #1 Rarity, The Generous
      • Deck A #2 Fluttershy, The Kind
      • Deck A #3 Prim Posy, Fond of Fronds
      • Deck A #4 Rarity, Winter Weaver
      • Deck A #5 Whitewash, Amiable Aviator
      • Deck A #6 Winona, Working Dog
      • Deck A #7 Anything I Can Do To Help
      • Deck A #8 Sweetie Belle, Savvy Student
      • Deck A #9 House Mouse, Little Pipsqueak
      • Deck A #10 Princess Cadance, Calming Presence
      • Deck A #11 Fluttershy, Winter Wake Up
      • Deck A #12 Critter Cavalry
      • Deck A #13 Sugar Twist, Twister Sister
      • Deck A #14 Precise Instructions
      • Deck A #15 Kitchen au Flambe
      • Deck B #1 Twilight Sparkle, The Magical
      • Deck B #2 Rainbow Dash, The Loyal
      • Deck B #3 Twilight Sparkle, Looking For Team
      • Deck B #4 Spike, Dragon Assistant
      • Deck B #5 Scootaloo, Distracted Student
      • Deck B #6 Double-check the Checklist
      • Deck B #7 Rainbow Dash, Weather Team
      • Deck B #8 Sweetie Sunrise, Early Riser
      • Deck B #9 Zecora, Zebra Friend
      • Deck B #10 What Went Wrong
      • Deck B #11 Compass Star, Geography Nut
      • Deck B #12 Blue Moon, Ol' Blue Eyes
      • Deck B #13 Comet Tail, Hale Bopper
      • Deck B #14 Preparing Potions
      • Deck B #15 Egghead Emergency

      Plus 8 unnumbered card images:

      • Deck A Mane Fluttershy, Caring and Kind Start/Boosted
      • Deck B Mane Twilight Sparkle, Magic Tutor Start/Boosted
      • Deck A/B Score Slider Cards
      • Deck A/B Turn Cards

      I'm not sure how you want that mapped to "Primer_XX"

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    • So the Manes would be "Primer_001.jpg", "Primer_001b.jpg", "Primer_002.jpg", "Primer_002b.jpg". Rainbow Dash, Weather Team would be "Primer_003.jpg". And so on and so forth, ignoring the cards that actually are released in sets like Critter Cavalry, What Went Wrong, etc.

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    • Ahh, I understand. Going off of icon number not the deck number. Makes perfect sense.

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    • Card pages posted. They need image sources and any categories (if we add unreleased cards to categories).

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    • I'll get those done before my bedtime, half of them looked like they were from Twilight Time/Winter Wrap Up anyways. Merry Christmas! :)

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