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Troublemakers are one of six card types in the MLP CCG. Troublemakers prevent a player’s opponent from being able to confront a Problem.

Each Troublemaker has a power value (the number in the upper right corner) and at least one trait.

Troublemakers are played face-down to a Problem for 1 action token during a player’s Main Phase, and are then revealed (flipped face-up) during that player’s next Troublemaker Phase. While face-up at a Problem, the player’s opponent cannot confront the Problem.

During the opponent’s Troublemaker Phase, they can have a Troublemaker faceoff between the Troublemaker and all of their characters located at that Problem. If they win the faceoff, the Troublemaker is dismissed and the opponent scores a number of points (located on the left side of the card). If they lose the faceoff, they choose one of their characters involved in the faceoff and move them home.

Face-up Troublemakers are dismissed when a player solves that Troublemaker's Problem, while face-down Troublemakers remain at that Problem.

Each player can have as many face-down Troublemakers at a Problem as they like, but they may only have one face-up Troublemaker at a Problem at any time. If two or more of a player's face-up Troublemakers are at a Problem, that player has to choose one to stay and the rest to dismiss (Villain Troublemakers have to be picked if there are both Villain and non-Villain Troublemakers to choose from).

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Diagram Troublemaker v2
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