Twilight Sparkle,
Research Student
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Premiere p004

Card Type Friend
Power 1
Color Purple
Cost 2
Play Req. 2 Purple
Traits Unicorn
Game Text Studious
When you confront this card's Problem, you may move this card home to gain 1 action token.
Flavor Text Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape...
- excerpt from
Predictions and Prophecies
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 1, Episode 1: Friendship is Magic - Part 1
  • None
  • Studious is not a stackable keyword; a player winning the faceoff with multiple Studious characters will only gain 1 action token regardless of how many Studious characters were involved in the faceoff.
  • This card’s triggered ability does not count as a Main Phase move action (which is when a player pays 2 action tokens to move one of their characters during their Main Phase). (506.4)

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