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Unlikely Duo
Product Type Theme Deck
Release Date April 2015
Contents Yellow/Blue
Associated Release Absolute Discord

The Unlikely Duo is a theme deck released as part of the Absolute Discord expansion.

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Alternate Version

Fixed/Exclusive Cards


Theme Deck

Unlikely Duo Theme Deck
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Name Power Cost Req. Points Card Type Quantity
Nightmare Moon, Mistress of the Night 1/3 Mane Character x1
Fluttershy, Reformer 1/3 Mane Character x1
Changeling Drone, Fear Eater 2 2 2 Friend x3
Discord, General Disarray 2 3 Friend x3
Emerald Green, Cider Aficionado 2 2 Friend x2
Princess Celestia, Fair but Firm 3 4 2 Friend x2
Rainbow Dash, To the Rescue 3 4 2 Friend x3
Tank, Flying Tortoise 3 3 3 Friend x2
Amethyst Star, Animal Leader 2 2 2 Friend x2
Band of Breezies, Dust in the Wind 2 2 1 Friend x3
Big Mac, All Bark, No Bite 1 3 3 Friend x2
Blue Jay, Warbler 2 2 Friend x3
Discord, Gone Cuckoo 2 3 Friend x3
Flitter, Sitter 2 3 1 Friend x2
A Cuddle with a Pekingese 5 1 4 Event x2
Making a Difference 4 1 Event x3
Spooky Scary Story 4 2 3 Event x2
Bee Suit 4 1 4 Resource x2
Tread Mill 4 1 4 Resource x2
Jet Set & Upper Crust 0 1 Troublemaker x2
Pony of Shadows 5 3 Troublemaker x2
A Thorn in His Paw 3 Problem x2
Babysitting Breezies 1 Problem x2
Desperately Seeking Spike 1 Problem x2
Looking for Trouble 1 Problem x2
Protect and Serve 2 Problem x2
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