Vapor Trail,
Wind Beneath Your Wings
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DefendersofEquestria 055

Card Type Friend
Power 1
Color Yellow
Cost 2
Play Req. 4 Yellow
Traits Pegasus • Chaotic
Game Text Chaos: While this card is flipped, your characters have +1 power.
When this card becomes involved in a faceoff, one of your characters at home becomes involved in the faceoff.
Flavor Text "Sometimes ponies just need a little boost. I've learned that there really is such a thing as too big of a boost."
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 6, Episode 24: Top Bolt
  • None
This card is banned from Harmony format competitive play (no copies of this card be included in a deck) as-of August 9th, 2017: "Wind Beneath Your Wings enables a noninteractive deck cycling strategy, necessitating its removal from the format. Utilization of this strategy at Summer 2017 Regionals demonstrated how destructive it is to healthy gameplay." (It is still legal in Core and Odyssey Block format events.)

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